How Do Auto Pet Waterers Work?

The weather has turned hot. How do you provide fresh, clean water for your dogs and cats? They need water all year, but your outdoor pets will need more in the hot weather. Are you ready? There is a wide variety of options available. I live in a small town where we don’t have a large selection but I have discovered some great options for pet waters online. As you read about the various choices of pet waterers that can be used by dogs or cats, just pick the right size for your pet.kanagawasuido

A regular water bowl or dish works well, but today you even have a lot of choices in dishes. Prices range from very low on up. This is a partial list of the many varieties: plain bowls, bowls to keep bugs out, heated bowls for winter use, designer bowls, pet waterers with matching pet feeders, and more. These are easy to use and clean.

The next type of pet waterers are the bowl with a reservoir. This type of waterer holds more water than your usual bowl. Some units even have larger reservoirs that can be purchased separately. Prices range from not much more than a plain water dish to over one hundred dollars. You have two basic types of units with their own advantages and disadvantages. There is the tower type that you turn upside down and fill with water and then turn it back over and hope you don’t drop or spill it. The other type is a waterfall that usually requires low 12 volt power. Many of the waterfall type pet waterers use filters to keep the water clean. The filters have to be cleaned or replaced occasionally depending on the unit. Almost all types of the reservoir waterers can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

The third type of pet waterer is for your outdoor dogs and cats. Most of these units are available for under fifty dollars. These units provide an unlimited supply of water. There is a float type waterer that fills as your pet drinks to keep the bowl full. These work great if you have several pets, especially large ones. The units simply connect to a water hose. Turn the water on and your pet has access to water as needed. The hose and dish should be kept in the shade so your pet doesn’t have to drink hot water. The other variety of pet waterer connects directly to your outdoor water faucet and acts like a water fountain people use, except it is motion activated as your pet approaches and departs. These units are also easy to clean.

Now that you have had a brief tour of the many options for pet waterers you may want to consider getting a new one for your dogs and cats. Many units will work well for cats as well as dogs, especially the smaller size version of units. Keep your pet’s thirst away.

Becky J. Jones is a pet owner that is interested in helping people find pet feeders and waterers that meet their schedules and keep their dogs and cats happy. I have been a pet owner for over thirty years. Currently I have three cats and two dogs.

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