An Introduction to Mexican Cuisines

Smells great, undeniably delicious, and very healthy – that is Mexican Cuisines. The country of Mexico is probably the best place for people who certainly love authentic dishes, since Mexican cuisines are known for its intense flavors, colorful decorations, unique seasoning, and variety of spices and ingredients which are native to the country.

It is said that the origins of these cuisines were very Kauai restaurants interesting especially for people who admires the goodness of Mexican food recipes. Well what’s not to like? Mexican meals serve as the planet’s favorite food due to its popular tacos, nachos and enchiladas which greatly tickles the taste buds of every food-lovers. In fact, these dishes were now available in many restaurants across the globe. Below are some facts that will serve as an introduction to our all-time favorite cuisine.


Mexican food owes an extensive range of influences towards the early colonization period. It shows that the authentic Mexican food have been derived from the Mayan Indians, who were hunters and gatherers. While the introduction of some ingredients such as beef, cheese, cream and bread was greatly influenced by the arrival of Spanish conquistadores in the 16th century which began the fusion of the two cuisines.

Today’s traditional Mexican recipes still maintain its deep roots from the Mayan, Aztec Indians, French, and Spanish settlers. The recipes are a blend of these different groups, their cooking techniques, different spices, and ingredients of the old and new world flavors combined.


A typical Mexican day begins with a simple breakfast of coffee and bread. The lunch is probably the biggest meal: soup, rice, tortillas, beans and a main dish (platillo fuerte), are typically served. After a filling Mexican lunch, it will be followed by a welcome Mexican siesta.

The evening meal is generally composed of lighter courses. And in addition to the three main meals, there are lots of snacking and snack foods. All of the items which Americans think of as typically Mexican — tacos, burritos, quesadillas — are simply snack food south of the border. Tequila cocktails or a light beer brewed in the north of the country are excellent accompaniments to a Mexican meal.


Tacos – are wheat tortillas and can be filled with pretty much anything, making them an exciting alternative to a sandwich.

Enchiladas – are one of the best-known Mexican recipes but these are not especially kind to the waistline because they are quite high in fat.

Salsas and Sauces – are usually made with raw ingredients and can be chopped, chunky, or smooth in consistency.

Adobo – a very popular marinade for pork and other meats in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and Central America.

Arroz A La Mexicana – a popular way to prepare rice in Mexico and the American Southwest. Also know an Spanish Rice.

Carne asada – or grilled meat, is great backyard grill food.

Empanadas – are meat pies popular throughout the Latin world.

Flan de Leche – a Latin caramel custard. It is one of the most common dessert dishes in the Latin world.


Don’t think that Mexican foods are loaded with calories. Actually very few traditional Mexican recipes are high in fat or calories. These dishes, as opposed to fast food outlets’ interpretations of it, contain plenty of nutrients. Peppers, onions, tomatoes, and corn are all very healthy and these ingredients are found in a lot of Mexican recipes.

So whether you choose a vegetarian dish or a meat dish, Mexican cuisine can help you lose weight and remain healthy while giving you an appetizing food with a lot of flavor. You don’t need to miss out on flavor to eat healthy.

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